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We don’t need to tout the facts about online shopping to convince too many independent dealers that improving online sales is key to increasing revenue and establishing customer loyalty. However, we do find many dealers are eager to improve online sales, but don’t know where to begin or are frustrated by past lackluster efforts.

Take a look at these “Not-So-Secret Six Elements to Boost Online Sales” and see if you are ready to meet the demands of today’s savvy online shopper.

  1. Avoid showcasing everything you offer on the home page. There’s an old marketing saying, “If you try to appeal to everyone, you end up not selling to anyone.” Pick and choose what you highlight on your home page, and keep your message simple, clean and timely.
  2. Highlight popular products or categories on your home page. Ask yourself, “What do my customers want the most and the most often?” These are the products or categories that should dominate your home page. This shows customers two things: You know what they want and you want to make it easy for them to find it.
  3. Hover-over ads create impact and drive product sales. Quick fact from the researchers at 3M: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Hover-over ads with great visual appeal draw the consumer’s eye and where the eye goes the clicks soon follow.
  4. Instill urgency with specific promotions and specials. Every consumer wants to feel they are getting a great deal. The proof of this is in the success stories of online deal giants like Groupon, Amazon and That said, you should always have a special offer on your home page. The offer could be related to seasonal items, close out specials or rebates. Always show how you can help customers save money!
  5. Boost your product’s desirability with great imagery. Do you want to sell or do you want your customers to buy? Imagery is where we leverage the facts about how the human brain processes information in order to sell more. For example, when you show a stapler in an ad, there is nothing to make that stapler very memorable. But show the same stapler in the hands of King Kong and it forces the consumer to pause on the image in order to register it in their mind in a new way. When you get a consumer to pause, even for just a split second, you encourage the consumer to click, and clicks usually lead to sales.


  6. Drive online sales with email marketing. While a great website is important, it also needs the proper support to do its job effectively. Mirroring the specials, product highlights
    and features of your website in consistently-delivered emails to your customers and prospects is essential to generating return traffic to your website and ultimately increasing sales. Plus, when you add the element of great imagery to your email marketing, you are also creating a brand voice for your company and your customers look forward to seeing these great images.

As an independent dealer, you aren’t just competing against the likes of Staples, OfficeMax or Sam’s Club. You are competing for the attention of the consumer with every company that is vying for a portion of their wallet.

It’s up to you to keep their focus and make their shopping experience easy. You can do that by simply following the “Not-So-Secret Six Elements to Boost Online Sales.”

Gail Keith is the business development manager and marketing pro at The NEXID Group, providers of managed marketing services to independent dealers nationwide. Contact Gail at or learn more at